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         In 2003, Home (Dongguan) Hardware Sales Department was established in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City. Home began to provide a full range of furniture accessory products for the furniture industry and also actively cooperated with furniture companies to develop new products and assisted in providing furniture hardware solutions.
         In 2007, Home Industrial Hong Kong was established and began to provide quality services to the furniture industry around the world and assist in providing furniture hardware solutions.
         In 2010, Home (Dongguan) Sales Company transformed into a manufacturing factory , established Dongguan Haimu Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. The main production table slide and supporting sales services.
         In 2011, Home Industrial established JieyangFukai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. by way of equity, mainly producing high-price-effective ball bearing slides.
         Home Vietnam was established in 2015 to provide efficient and high-quality local services for the Vietnamese furniture industry.
         Home Industry always pursues the concept of “integrity and pragmatic mutual benefits and resource sharing” to serve customers, strive to solve problems for customers, work together with customers and peers,  do our best to make it easy for customers to find furniture hardware accessories!